Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This week's (4/5) sermon focuses on choosing Jesus as King. The point of Palm Sunday is that we all have a choice, between either receiving the Prince of Peace, who comes to us gentle and riding on a donkey, righteous and bringing salvation (Zech. 9:9), or receiving the Judge of all the Earth, who wears a robe dipped in blood and out of whose mouth proceeds a sharp sword (Rev. 19:13, 15). All those who have received Jesus as Lord and Messiah have received Him as King. But sometimes, even we who follow Jesus fail to grant full sovereignty to Him over all of our lives. Consider the following:

  1. The nation's economy is the worst it has been since at least 1980/81. Does that reality cause you to fear the future, or do you trust the Lord's hand, since it is He who sets up kings and nations and takes them down (Isa. 40)? Do you continue to give to the church and other missional endeavors, just as you have always done, or have you scaled back figuring that "the Lord will understand"?

  2. Is Jesus King of your tongue? How do you speak to your spouse and children in your home? Are the words of your mouth acceptable in the sight of God? Always?

  3. How do your entertainment choices reflect the rule of Jesus over your eyes and mind? Even if your choices are good, or at least morally neutral, does the amount of time you spend entertaining yourself honor God? To what extent does "me time" eliminate time with family, fellowship with your church family, building evangelistic friendships, or even prayer and Bible reading?

  4. Is Jesus King of your body? Are you keeping yourself pure? Do you by the Spirit rule over your body's desires (such as those for food, sleep, and sex) or do they rule over you?

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