Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet summertime

Part of the fun of summer for me is doing a project or two around the house. Since Karen got a little money for her birthday (she's an older woman of 36 now), she decided that we really need a picnic table. We quite responsibly went to all of the big box home improvement stores to find a DIY picnic table kit. We finally found the best deal at Menards, only to find when we checked out that the price in their scanner wasn't the price on their poster. The usual mayhem ensued, with me having to wheel my picnic table on the flatbed card backwards through the checkout line and backwards through the entrance gate to customer service, where I found that Mark, the super-duper customer service rep (who told me he would grant me the poster price instead of the computer price), hadn't called Customer Service to let them know what was going on. So off Karen went to get Mark to call down. What a hassle to save $16.

Anyway, it went together in a couple hours (with help from Karen and the boys) and is now out back under our camping awning awaiting stain and Thompson's water seal. It's perfect for summer suppers and early morning Bible study and coffee. I can hardly wait till it's all done.

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