Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Joys of Summer

My in-laws were in last weekend. It's always great to see and visit with them, not to mention that I can usually dragoon Don into helping me with various projects around the house, yard, and garage. Over the weekend, and partly with his gracious help, I managed to:
  • Change the oil in the truck
  • Tune up the mower for the summer season
  • Clean out and tune up the grill
  • Wrestle the children
  • Preach another chapter of the book of Acts
  • Swap out the grill tank for a refill
  • Sweep out and clean the garage and get rid of some old junk
  • Teach the final class on our denomination's statement of faith revision
  • Convince Karen to mow and trim the grass
  • Destroy a junky wooden box I had been meaning to take apart for two months
  • Re-staple the insulation back up in our garage
  • Burn the accumulated yard waste (sticks, leaves, bird nests, etc.)
  • Take Karen out to dinner and shopping for her 36th birthday (big thanks on this to the in-laws so we could be alone!)
  • Fix John's training wheels for the 875th time.
  • Lead a new members class at my house
  • Roast hot dogs and marshmallows with the family
  • Enjoy the warmer weather

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