Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life Lessons

The past two days, I've been involved in ripping out the ancient bulletin boards and chalk boards from our children's ministry rooms at church. We've been disposing of piles of junk, fixing up items in disrepair, patching the nail holes left by the approximately 10,000 ring shank roofing nails that were used for attaching the backing on each chalkboard and bulletin board, priming, painting, and hanging drywall. We are going to have some really incredible ministry spaces when we are done, and I can hardly wait for it all to be finished. But I must have come home pretty ripe, because the first thing Karen said to me after she greeted me was, "So, are you going to take a shower soon?"

I have a friend who says, "Never refuse a breath mint." Apparently the same principle applies to people asking when you are planning to shower...

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