Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Read Your Bible!

I have long answered the question about which Bible translation is "best" with the response "whichever one you will read." I believe that's still a good response, because in reading the Scriptures we are able to "think God's thoughts after Him." But "finding time" to read your Bible can be a challenge for all of us. It has even been a challenge for me at times, at least, if I don't count the time I spend preparing for teaching and preaching and look at just the time I spend in the Word "for myself" and my own spiritual growth.

I've recently discovered that you can get the Bible delivered daily to your email box via RSS feed. I like the ESV Bible for my own reading and study, so I've signed myself up for a daily plan to take me through the ESV Bible in a year. Fun, easy, and way better than the often cheesy "spiritual" emails a lot of Christians send one another. Try it. You may find that you like it!

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