Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flashes of the obvious...

According to a report, the National Institutes of Health (a federal agency), is funding a $2.6 million study of Chinese prostitutes. Its goal is to seek a reason why prostitutes frequently consume alcohol while in the course of their "jobs," with a view toward reducing alcohol consumption and thereby encouraging "safer sex." Well, my insights might not be worth $2.6 mil, but let me think on it a second: These poor ladies are engaged in a profession which is destructive to mind, body, and spirit, and despite years of being told by their government that there is no God, they cannot escape the conscience which the God they don't believe in put in their hearts. Consequently, they seek to numb the pain they feel by whatever means works. Since booze is the cheapest, most readily available anesthetic, they use it in quantity. Mystery solved.

Now if the government wants to fund a useful study, how about one that looks for the most effective ways to help these oppressed women escape from their self-destructive life? Or one which funds Luca Brasi types to make their pimps "an offer they can't refuse" to let them go? Or one which provides job training so that they develop more marketable and less degrading skills?

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