Thursday, April 30, 2009

Filling up your bucket

My former boss, Pastor Steve, had a great expression for getting spiritually refreshed. He called it "getting your bucket full." Among the long list of things I learned from Steve, I picked up that expression. Last week was a time of much needed re-charging of the batteries. It was one of the most "bucket-filling" weeks I've had in a long time. The only shortcoming, in fact, was that Karen and the kids weren't there to enjoy the week with. I came back feeling closer to the Lord than I have felt in a good while. For those of you who might possibly be interested, the audio and video downloads of the sessions I attended last week are now available online. They are all worth hearing or watching and all greatly encouraged me. I hope you find them as inspiring and "bucket filling" as I did.


Anonymous said...

What workshops did you go to? My bucket was overflowing :-) Sorry I didn't see you there. But I am glad to hear you were blessed. Next year you need to go to T4G 2010. It will be amazing.


Joe Horn said...


I had a sermon to write and a Sunday School lesson to prepare, so I missed out on the workshops. I'm catching up online. I am going to C. J. Mahaney's now. We are going to do the T4G 2010 conference next year too. If you can find your way to Chilli, consider yourself invited to ride down with us.