Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shamelss plug, version 2.0

Since I am so thoroughly diligent in maintaining and regularly posting to this blog, it is obvious that what I really need is...another blog! But I have nevertheless launched out into the brave new world of trying to maintain more than one. The new site is called A Step Further and is designed for a pretty limited audience-those people who patiently listen to me preach each week and try to gain something of value for their spiritual life from that message. It is designed to give them some additional content to ponder and study to do, along with providing a public forum to interact with me about the Scriptures. If you are part of that illustrious group, or you aren't but your curiosity about my biblical-theological thinking can't ever be fully sated, point your browser over to http://furtherstep.blogspot.com and find me there as well as here. No doubt I'll need to alert the folks at Blogger to be prepared for all the hits...

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