Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome to our world

Yesterday was also notable for another reason: the arrival of the latest Horn baby! No, Karen and I are not expecting again, but my brother Steve and his wife Mandy did go to the hospital to deliver their son (almost two weeks early-lucky girl!). At any rate, little Abram Thomas Horn entered the world with a good yell, a full head of hair (unlike his daddy), and delighted parents. For those into stats, Abram was born about 12:15 this morning and was 7lbs, 4 oz, and 20.5" long, blond and blue-eyed but reportedly minus the famed Horn melon (again, my sister-in-law is a lucky girl). Pictures of the little guy will follow as soon as I can finagle some from those fortunate enough to have seen him already. Congratulations, Steve and Mandy!

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Alissa said...

Haven't seen him yet, but will try to take & pass on pics in a couple days!