Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barack Obama and the politics of hype...er, hope

Mr. Obama, with the usual assist from the MSM, has been marketing himself as a new kind of political candidate, one who will help America transcend the "tired old divisions" of right/left, black/white, conservative/liberal, etc., etc. But if it's true that a man should be known by the company he keeps, what does it say about Mr. Obama that he willingly kicked off his presidential campaign at the home of William Ayers (former leader of the '60's domestic terrorist group The Weather Underground) and sat on the board of the Woods Foundation (another radical group) with Ayers for 8 years when Ayers still wishes he and his group had done more rather than less bombings? Moreover, given the fact that Obama's wife Michelle evidently thinks the only thing America has done in her lifetime that is praiseworthy is considering her husband for the Democratic nomination and given the fact that he sat under the right Rev. Jeremiah Wright (he of the "God **** America," the "United State of KKKA" and America's "chickens coming home to roost" on 9/11 sermons), what sort of man is Barack Obama really? His choice of friends seems to indicate a man who has a deep resentment against the same country he wants to lead, even though he is the product of Ivy League education and one of the fastest political rises in recent memory.

How exactly is such a man going to lead all of us to transcend our differences? I suspect that what he really wants is not to "transcend our differences," but for me and people who think like I do to simply give up our resistance to his very tired, socialistic, anti-liberty policies. Our differences will have been transcended, but only by me giving up my side of the argument. And since when is that a new kind of politics or politician? Defeating my political opponents through rhetorical sleight of hand is not new politics, but the same old politics with a slightly more oleaginous presentation than we have seen in a while.

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