Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This good day

I have been spending entirely too much time working lately and not enough time at home. So it was nice yesterday to have a day off that was truly a day off.

I woke up by spending time doing a devotional for girls with my daughter Sara and then took her and Ashley to school. After breakfast, Karen and I took the boys over to play at Pearce while we went for a walk together around the track there. After that we went to Kroger for some groceries and a trip around the store with the boys in one of their famous "Kar Karts." At home we at boneless chicken wings with honey barbecue sauce and fresh strawberries. Karen made a lasagna while I spoke with the truck repair shop and the we took naps. After naps the kids played in the yard while Karen and I dug out one of the edges of one of the flower beds (where the previous owner had dumped her fireplace ashes) and dug out a half-dead bush that Karen hated. Dinner, of course, was the previously mentioned lasagna, with multiple layers of glorious cheese, noodles, sauce and Italian sausage. Then it was off to soccer in my "loaner" truck and to play with the other kids at the school playground while Sara practiced with her team. We capped the evening with a bedtime snack fresh watermelon and strawberries. After the kids finally got off to bed, Karen and collapsed on the couch with a videotape (we're old school, I know) of the latest episode of Bones and hot buttered popcorn.

It was a nearly perfect day. We worked some, we studied the Bible some, we prayed and played some. Today my too infrequently used bush pulling muscles are a little sore, but it's the soreness of a good day well spent. We get too few of those, it seems.

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