Sunday, April 6, 2008

A big day

Yesterday was a big day at the Horn house. We began the day by taking Sara to her first soccer game over at the local fields. Hundreds of children and their parents, all focused on chasing a little white ball across the grass. Shortly after we arrived and Karen and I had some opportunity to look around, I asked her, "Think we'll ever be that competitive?" To which Karen replied, "Oh sure. Sara just needs a little more practice." "Actually, I was referring to the other parents," I said. Hopefully, I will be able to retain a little psychic distance, loving and cheering for my daughter and her team without becoming so emotionally invested that I am charging the refs to challenge calls, yelling at the coach, and criticizing my kid when she fails to be the reincarnation of Pele at seven years old. Something those of you reading this can keep me accountable on...

In other news, Sara and I have been working on-and-off the past couple weeks on riding around on a bike without training wheels. Yesterday was the day it all came together. She still sometimes needs a little help getting going, but mostly she can zing around the neighborhood at will. So now I need to buy a bike flag and a bell and warn all of our elderly neighbors to stay off the streets and sidewalks and out of their front yards-my daughter is on the loose!


Kendra said...

yay for sara! i know what you mean joe about the crazy competitive do they get so in to it all?? anyhoo...congrats sara on the soccer and the bike riding!

Alissa said...

I don't think you'll become a nutter on the don't try to live vicariously through your children as some parents do.

And about the bike:
Go Sara!!!! :)