Friday, February 8, 2008

Want a Weekend to Remember with your spouse?

Years ago, when I was going to seminary and Karen was working to support both of us, we went to a FamilyLife marriage conference near our home in Dallas. It was a great time for us to focus on our marriage, get reminded of some essential truths, and reconnect as a couple. It was called the Weekend to Remember, and WTR conferences are held in cities across the country, both Spring and Fall. The Peoria conference will be at the Hotel Pere Marquette, February 29th-March 2nd. Attendees at the conference receive a discounted rate to stay at the hotel (which I highly recommend!).

This would be a great Valentine's Day or anniversary present, and as it happens, I have one certificate entitling its possessor to a highly discounted conference registration ($35 per person vs. $129 per person). Any takers?

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