Thursday, February 28, 2008

Customer Service

One of the gifts we received from our former church when we departed was the Cupcake Courier (see photo below). This handy little gadget makes it awfully easy for Karen to haul cupcakes to the school for various PTA things and birthday parties for our girls. Though it looks girly, I prefer to think of it as being akin to a "cupcake toolbox." At any rate, we've gotten a fair amount of use out of the thing, but one of the handles broke off soon after we moved (household gnomes again).
Once I finally got around to gluing the handle back on, I discovered that glue didn't work. So I wrote to the company to ask how to procure a new handle. I was shocked to get a personal email back from the product inventor and CEO, Jennifer Gunn, who promptly mailed me a new handle free of charge. In a day where "warranty service" usually involves paying $40 to ship your broken product to a location where it will take 12 weeks to repair an item that cost $30 new, I was pleased to see a company stand behind its product (and even to hear personally from the CEO!).

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