Thursday, January 31, 2008

You learn something new every day

I discovered something about myself this morning...I have a goofy laugh. For those of you who know me well, this may not come as much of a shock, except for the fact that I am just now realizing it. This revelation came as I was listening to a sermon of mine that Karen had just downloaded. It's a sort of weird, high-pitched cackle, not at all the sort of deep, sonorous, basso-profundo that I wish God had given me.

Ah well. I have already joke with my congregation that I have a great face for radio. Now I guess I can joke that I have a great voice for silent movies.


Horn herd mom said...

Okay, so you insisted that I comment on this post. I cannot tell a lie--on the recording you do have a goofy laugh--at least the one I heard the other day.

Garden Girl said...

I think you should give yourself a break. I'd call it "endearing" or "quirky" and leave out the goofy terminology. At least it isn't a wild hyena laugh. lol My older brother has one of those!