Monday, January 14, 2008

Big Fat Loser

One of the favorite TV shows at the Horn house is The Biggest Loser. For some reason, Karen can never remember the name, so it has become known at our place as Big Fat Loser, a much better name in my book. This week, I am the Big Fat Loser at our house, having lost 5 pounds through diet and exercise. I'm excited, because this means there's probably only another 51 weeks of courageous self-discipline, agonizing exercise, and the complete absence of bacon double cheeseburgers to reach my goal weight.

1 comment:

The Rosetto's said...

Well ya know, we hired you at the weight you are. You are not allowed to shed pounds like that. (Didn't they mention that) ONLY KIDDING!! WAY TO GO!! Please get poor Karen a battery for that scale;)