Thursday, January 24, 2008

In which, I do not lose weight.

This week, I had the distinct honor of losing not a single pound, despite keeping my found intake per Weight Watcher's online specs and exercising 4 times. Was this fun? Not so much. Especially when I spent the past three days on vacation with Karen in Galena, IL, one of our favorite retreat spots. Vinny Vannuchi's Italian is not near as much fun when you have to limit your garlic bread and pasta with cream sauce intake, after all.

Much to my chagrin, I discovered that the original program Karen and I used a couple years back (to great success) was different than the one currently in use. So I have played with the computer version to reflect the original plan and look forward to better results from here on.

All of which is a long way of saying I have fallen behind the dw in the weight loss challenge to this point. Which I sort of expected, though I thought it would take longer than it has.


Horn herd mom said...

Hey--look on the very bright side--you didn't gain either!! :)

The Bullhorn said...

Yes. There is that bright spot, although if I'm going to maintain my weight, it'd be nice if it could hold steady a bit lower down on the scale. Still, considering 2 meals at Vinny's not an altogether unhappy result.