Thursday, January 17, 2008

Slimming down

Over at the dw's blog, she has thrown down the gauntlet. Apparently out a desire to encourage me to take up her challenge, she has updated our photo there to one in which she looks her typically gorgeous self and I look like a pudgier, lumpier version of the Michelin tire man. Nevertheless, the whole point of losing some weight (other than the health benefits, obviously) is so that such unflattering photos do not make me permanently reluctant to be photographed, like some sort of preacher version of Howard Hughes.

At any rate, like the dw, I have decided to join Weight Watchers online. Since I am doing so today, my weigh-in day will be the same as hers and the competition better aligned. Incidentally, I found out that the top end weight (according to WW, at least), for a man my height is 167 lbs., a weight last seen somewhere around the time I was working summers at my dad's old lumber company. Nevertheless, I have reset my goal weight accordingly, though I may have to start moonlighting as either a roofer or a lumberjack to attain it.

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