Sunday, December 9, 2007

And now, for something you'll really like...

I apologize to all fans of Rocky and Bullwinkle reading this for the title, but my last few posts have been a bit pessimistic about the world, and especially the world that my children will inherit. But tonight also had a lot to celebrate in it, for tonight was the Children's Christmas Program! This glorious affair had stage direction by Margie McCollough and music direction by Karen the Fair. The kids, as expected, did very well. They sang loud and well, remembered their lines, and were pretty cute (which, let's face it, is the main reason for having a Christmas program to begin with). John was awesome as Joseph and Sara and Ashley made excellent stars. Nate was too young to be in the program, but that did not prevent him from entertaining all those around us with his rendition of each of the songs (complete with motions!). I guess it's the price you pay for being in the music leader's family. I mean, after all, I never attended a single practice and I know all the songs by heart and every kid's lines.

My part in all of this festiveness was to watch Nathan (a bigger task than it might sound) and to share the Gospel at the end. I probably did better at one task than the other. But, it was a great way for me to continue looking forward to Christmas in the midst of the cold and ice that now coats everything outside. There's just something about kids and Christmas, after all, something that reminds you of the simple joy of celebrating Jesus and his coming. And that something, whatever it is, touched my soul this evening.

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