Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gym Class, Part Deux

As I mentioned, Karen and I have joined the local Community Center. Today we decided to make a date to lift weights together. We dropped off the boys at the play room (which is staffed by a marvelous older lady and full of cool toys), then headed off to lift. Three things about doing this stand out to me: One, it was much more fun to share the pain and suffering with my dw. Two, when we were first married, I never would have believed I'd be taking my wife on a date to the gym. I guess it really is true what Mom used to say about dating being a state of mind! Three, my arms are so weak from lifting I can hardly lift them up from my body. I pray this last phenomenon does not continue.


Grandma H said...

I am so proud of both of you. I can't believe the difference strength training has made to me. Keep it up--you'll be glad you did. Better to begin at your age than at mine.

Horn herd mom said...

Just for the record, I whipped up on you on the sit-ups, but you probably didn't have to roll out of bed this morning like I did. I literally could not sit up!

The Bullhorn said...

Ah yes, the mighty sit-up queen has spoken. In my defense, since I am doing 2-4x the weight that you are on everything else, I don't feel too badly. Moreover, now that I know that it is a competition, I will trounce you on sit-ups also!