Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Chillicothe Slugger

I am continually amazed at the different ways my kids are developing. Case in point: Around suppertime tonight, while I was outside manning the grill, Nathan brought me the wiffle bat and ball. He barely knows how to hold the bat properly, but he wanted me to pitch to him. He had kind of a weird stance, holding the bat at the bottom with his right hand and tucking it tight behind his right ear, but he actually hit the ball. Maybe the boy will be athletic? I'm not sure where that would come from, given his parentage, but there's always hope my kid will be the next A-Rod and he will want to help Mom and Dad retire in Tahiti, right?

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Alissa said...

Nate the Great is DEFINITELY Mr. Athletic. It amazes me how physically ACTIVE & muscled he is. I think he will be a man of many sports.