Friday, February 26, 2010

The Summit

Three quick thoughts on the Health Care Summit:
  1. It won't change anything. Dems still may choose to go down the electorally self-destructive path of ramming through this dog of bill. But it won't be passed riding on a wave of temporary popular support.
  2. Republicans, when they got to talk, did themselves the service of demonstrating that in addition to saying "NO!" that they are also saying "Try this instead." That is of value to both them and to the American people.
  3. The President's advisers seem obsessed with the idea of giving us a bigger and shinier cowbell in a different setting. When will they realize that the more he talks, the more the rest of us conclude that pretty sounding talk is all he's got to offer? The presentation might be fresh (though it's getting staler by the minute), but the ideas are the same Dem boilerplate that predate Obama's birth by a good 40 years at least.

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