Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Sara!

Today is my eldest's birthday. Sara was born around 6 p.m. nine years ago today. Along with the celebration we're planning (pizza, birthday cake, family games, and the opening ceremonies--all at her request), the arrival of this day has been accompanied by some more sobering thoughts. My first thought has been, "Has it really been 9 years? Where did the time go?" This has been quickly followed by my second thought, which is, "That means the time I will have with her at home is now 1/2 over." I hope that I have modeled Christ for her in the years past and that she will look to me and to Karen for a model in the years to come. Surely the years that are coming will be full of fresh challenges-hormones, boyfriends, and independence loom. I hope they will also be full of joy and of Sara's embrace of her parents' faith as truly her own-well-considered, challenged, tested, tried, found faithful, and fully received.

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