Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Technology and its limits

I lost my cell phone on Sunday night. A search of the Kroger store and the bike route I took to it have been fruitless. Which led me to contact my service provider to get my account suspended until I could get a new phone, which I did last night. This process has been educational on a number of levels. Among the things I have learned:
  1. It is possible for a cell phone to disappear into the ether, leaving no trace of its departure.
  2. Missing cell phones are expensive to replace.
  3. Your cell phone provider has the technology to remotely suspend your cell phone service, track how many milliseconds you utilized the phone, locate you for 911 emergencies via a satellite that can find you utilizing your phone to within 6 feet of your actual location but cannot utilize all of this technology to tell you where your missing cell phone is at present.

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The Rosetto's said...

Please get a different phone than Karen this time. I was actually at a store looking at cell phone charms for her phone last night. I didn't get one cuz I was holding out til I found one with a tick on it!