Friday, November 2, 2007

There are some things money can't buy...

The months since we moved to Chillicothe have been pretty challenging for our family. We are adjusting pretty well I think, but our health has been a big test for us. Here's the tally:
  • 1700 miles driven to and from various physicians
  • 18 doctor visits with the children and yours truly (including 1 checkup at Mayo in Rochester)
  • 2 trips to the ER (1 for Nate, 1 for me)
  • 2 surgeries: gallbladder for me, tonsils, adenoids, and nasal passages for Ashley Rose.
  • 2 rounds of croup, 3 rounds of strep, multiple ear infections, and so many bottles of meds we have lost count.
  • 1 very tired dear wife, desperately in need of a month at the beach.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Jill and I are praying for you. Wow, have you ever thought it may be some spiritual warfare?

The Bullhorn said...


Yes, the thought had occurred to me. Sometimes it seems all our life is missing is a locust plague or some raiding Sabeans...