Friday, November 2, 2007

Super John's definition of manliness

Last night was the end of a pretty rough day at the Horn house. Ashley's throat was on fire due to her tonsils coming out on Tuesday (apparently you have to feel a lot worse before you feel better with those things), the boys were not doing too well either after bouts with croup and strep, and Karen was pretty well done. So being romantic husband, I decided that last night would be Monical's pizza night.

John, Karen, Ashley and I all piled into the van (Sara and Nate stayed with Grandma & Grandpa) to pick up the pizzas. They were running a deal, so we got 1 large pepporoni and 1 large 1/2 cheese, 1/2 sausage. One the way home John gave us his theory of manhood (or at least boyhood).

John: "Mommy, a boy like me can eat pepperoni. But girls like Sara and Ashley need to eat cheese."

Karen: "John, do you think you have be a boy to eat pepperoni?"

John: "Yes, mommy. Only boys are strong enough to eat pepperoni. Girls have to eat cheese."

Karen: "That's an interesting theory, son."

Though I seem to have missed something somewhere, at least the message that boys aren't the same as girls and that boys should protect the girls from harm is getting through.

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