Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Extreme Run

Saturday was my first attempt at an "extreme" run, which is basically a 5k cross country run, with obstacles. The obstacles were:
  • a 100' slip and slide
  • a 14' ladder wall
  • a 20' military crawl through sand under ropes
  • an 8' wall climbed using a rope.
  • crawl through two 3' diameter culvert pipes, half submerged in a muddy pit
  • run though 50' of muddy field
  • run 4 up/down sand hills
  • go over, under, through, and over 4' walls
  • race through a maze of 55 gallon drums
  • walk a 100' balance beam, consisting of 2"x8"s balanced on edge in a zig-zag pattern
  • military crawl through 100' of mud pit under ropes (glad it wasn't barbed wire!)
  • swim 20' under ropes through a muddy water pit
I finished the race 63rd overall, with a time of 37:34. It was a LOT of fun, much more so than your typical road race. I am definitely going to sign up for another one. I hear that the Spartan Race is pretty amazing, and the Warrior Dash looks like a good time too. Any compatriots out there looking to join me at the next one?

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