Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cub Scout Day Camp

As I mentioned in my last post, the boys and I have spent the last three days at Cub Scout Day Camp, which means we have had three full days of all the BB guns, archery, leather work, knots, human foosball, crafts, drag racecars, DNR visits, flag ceremonies, Scout skills, and Slip and Slides that we can handle. Nathan and I got to be together all day every day, while we only saw John at lunch and the beginning and end of the day. It was a total blast, but they were some long, very hot, days. Below are some pictures:

 Nathan with Animal Jim's Mammoth Mercury: 2000 horses under that hood...

 We missed the balloon, but we hit the target, Dad. That's good isn't it?

TWO Bullseyes, Dad! Woot! Woot!

 John with the Mammoth Merc. He is probably more interested in how to make the car that fast in the quarter mile, whereas Nate would be the one who would want to actually drive it...

 John got to lead the flag ceremony one evening, giving the commands to the color guard in front of him.

 Nate and human foosball.

 Nate and BB guns. He has already put in his request for a Red Ryder to come his way this next birthday. I think he's pretty sure he could resolve Mom's rabbit problem.

Nate got to be part of the color guard raising the flag one morning.

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