Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Highlight Reel

I spent the majority of last week at a conference in Indianapolis on spiritual transformation. It was an attempt to address the wide gap that often lingers between many Christians' (including, at times, this Christian's) profession of faith in Christ and our experience of actually living the abundant life of holiness before God that Christ promised us. I can't encapsulate it all, but here are some of the good "lines" that I wrote down that might give you the gist:
  • The Gospel is not primarily about what we avoid but what we get from God. It's not so much about "dodging a bullet" as it is about gaining eternal life.
  • Eternal life is not just about the duration of our life with God, but also about the quality of the life we receive.
  • Faith is relational allegiance to the living God. It is place your future in His hands and trusting Him with the results.
  • The purpose of our cleansing is to allow us to worship and relate to God. It isn't about some kind of spiritual "record-keeping" where we have to maintain a clean slate.
And finally, what is by far my favorite line of the entire conference, from my former professor, Dr. Darrell Bock, "I don't have to look for God's will. I married her!"

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