Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This past Sunday, I preached the first sermon I've ever heard that was exclusively on the Christian doctrine of hell. Which made things interesting, I'm sure, for the visitors who showed up on Sunday for their first visit. And which makes me not a very postmodern, emergent, or seeker-sensitive pastor, I guess. But nevertheless, since the New Testament refers to it so often (160 times in 260 chapters), I felt that there was no reason why we shouldn't talk about it in the context of a sermon series on evangelism.

Because after all, the game of life is played for keeps. God respects human freedom enough to allow every person to experience the full glory or agony of the consequences of their choices, both in this life and the next. And that very freedom leads to the very frightening possibility that some will spend their eternity separated from God. Don't we therefore owe it to those we know to share with them how to escape from that terrifying conclusion and to find eternal life in Christ?


Stephen said...

Well said! I know "hell" is not a popular nor fun topic to talk about, however, as you stated, This topic is crucial for us to know and understand. God has not spoken so extensively on it if it were not important for us. Thank-you for being a faithful shepherd to your flock!

I believe I have something that is yours, how can I get it back to you? Let me know when you can! Thanks and God bless!

The Bullhorn said...


I thank you for your compliments, and for your generous spirit. I'd like to talk to you sometime about you future plans with SGM. Blessings to you brother!

The mailing address is:
109 N William Dr.
Chillicothe, IL 61523

thehes said...

Mark Dever says we'd do a lot better to have Seeker Sensitive Lives instead of Seeker-sensitive services. Speaking of, have you read The Deliberate Church? Good stuff...very practical & would probably be refreshing/confirming to you.