Thursday, September 12, 2013

Something worthy of posting

The story is told that Albert Einstein was once scheduled to speak at an event, but showed up and told the assembled crowd, "I have nothing to say. If in the future, I feel I have something to say, I will return and say it." He later did return and make a speech, when he felt he had something to contribute.Not that I have Einstein's intellect, but I have struggled to have something worth saying in this space for the last little bit. I've wanted to have something to contribute which would be uplifting and encouraging when the darkness seems to be spreading across our culture. I've been busy and thus tired and thus tending to depressive for too long. So rather than broadcast that, it seemed better to just be quiet.

But even when I feel pretty dark, God has been and will continue to work, both in me and in others. He is not limited by my moods, my schedule, or my energy level. Which encourages me. If life and godliness depends upon me, I am already lost. Thank God it does not!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of baptizing my eldest son, John. He has shared his testimony with me and the church family and I believe his faith is both real and deep. Being baptized was simply the next step in his spiritual growth, but it was one I was blessed as both his dad and his pastor to be able to participate in. How good and gracious God has been to me!

Here's the video:

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