Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blogging in the New Year

So no, I haven't died, dear reader. I've just realized in recent weeks that over the past couple years I have indulged my innate tendencies toward having a hyper-critical, cynical, crabby spirit, and that this blog had become a place where I allowed that to happen more than I should have. It's easy to criticize, hard to build up; easy to be cynical, harder to be hopeful. And it's hard to know when "wisdom" is just the name we give to being jaded and pessimistic. Moreover, I think that, as a Christian, whose eternal hope is secure and who present is carried by a loving Father, it's wrong for me to be so crabby. So while I hardly want to sound like this is my New Years' Resolution, it is my confession, which comes with a hope that this year and in years to come, my writing will be more reflective of my theology.

With that in mind, here are my BHAGs for 2012:
  1. Read the entire Bible in 90 days. Anybody want to take up that challenge with me?
  2. Take all of the kids hunting and to Disney World. This is part of my sacred responsibility as a Dad, not only to pass on the spiritual life to them, but to just have pure fun together.
  3. Romance Karen through our 16th year of marriage
  4. Finish my EFCA ordination process. I've been ordained since 2004, but i promised Chilli Bible that I would transfer my ordiantion to the Free Church, and I am a man of my word.
  5. Finish the Mini-Marathon in Indy. I turn 39 later this year, so running farther at one time than I ever have in my life sounds like a good way to proclaim to myself that while I'm older, I'm a long way from dead!
  6. Launch a 2nd service at CBC. This one isn't entirely dependent on me, as attendance would need to rise a little bit to justify it, and many people would have to be on board with it, but I'd love to see God's blessing on our ministry to the extent that we need to do this.
  7. Personally introduce 10 people to Jesus. I've shared the Gospel with hundreds of people over the course of my life, but I've never personally been used to lead 10 to Christ in one year. I'd love that privilege. We'll see what God does...

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