Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On ice cream and favoritism

One of my greatest joys is seeing my children start to put together the pieces of their own faith. Karen and I have had lots of good conversations with our kids, often in the car or just before bed. Last night was another occasion for another conversation. Karen's van was out of gas, so I drove it to the Cub Scout Pack Meeting last night, thinking that John and I could get gas on the way home.

Pack meeting was fun, as usual, and I suggested to John as we got back into the van that maybe we could get an ice cream bar at the gas station when we filled up. He proceeded to thank me for offering, and then asked, "Well, what about Sara and Ashley and Nathan?" I told him that since they weren't with me, they probably wouldn't get anything. He then proceeded to tell me that, in that case, he'd rather not have anything, because that would be favoritism, like Jacob did with his kids, and "Favoritism is bad, Daddy. And you love us all the same, don't you?"

I assured him that I did, but inside I was pretty impressed that the kid is taking his faith so seriously. After all, what kid turns down an ice cream bar, even if his siblings probably aren't getting one? And then goes on to question his Dad about favoritism?

So tonight, I'm stopping off at Kroger on the way home to pick up a box of ice cream bars...

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