Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The past week

In the past week, I have: conducted a funeral, preached on Genesis 5 (the "begat" chapter), visited old friends at our former church, delivered an evangelistic message to a gym full of rough sawn hunters and fishermen, taught Sunday school, played Wii and had tickle fights with my kids, went to dinner and a great movie with my bride (who still loves me despite a multitude of reasons not to), led a Cub Scout den meeting, shoveled a whale of a lot of snow, stacked firewood, watched football, read Scripture, talked with my mom and dad, led staff meeting, counseled the hurting, prayed a ton, bought and installed a new printer in my office, studied and read commentaries on the Scriptures, wrote three sermons and a blog post, sent follow-up cards to new visitors to our church, ran at the gym, and tried to find enough time to get some sleep.

Two thoughts on this:
  1. If you wonder what a pastor does all week, here's a list. (I've left off a couple regular commitments-small group, Elders and Great Oaks Board meetings, leading a men's Bible study, and leading an AWANA group, but you get the idea).
  2. I am a blessed man. Who but another pastor gets to experience the joys of a life like mine? Thanks be to God, who has given me all these things as a means of bringing glory to Him. I feel genuinely lucky to be able to be used of Him in all these ways.

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