Monday, March 8, 2010

Something to consider...

The proposed healthcare "reform" bill now in the midst of a Congressional mess, and theoretically about to be passed in the teeth of furious opposition by the American electorate would hand control of 1/6 of the American economy directly over to the federal government. Trying to imagine the scale of that transformation is difficult, but these two thoughts will make it easier:
  • Imagine the federal government annexing the entire economy of Britain or France. OR
  • Imagine the various federal governments of the Eurozone establishing a federally controlled healtcare system from Dublin to Athens.

Even in Europe, in which many of the nations possess a healthcare system similar to the one Pres. Obama wants us to have so desperately, the scale of what he is attempting hasn't even been tried. After all, just keeping that many people of that many widely differing cultures aren't doing that well on a single currency, nevermind a single healthcare system. No one but the Soviets have ever even attempted a federalization of health care for this many people before. Which should tell us all something, I think.

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