Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Politics: The 2nd Oldest Profession

In a continuing thought on yesterday's post, I'd say that, in some ways, you have to have a little bit of perverse admiration for Sens. Landrieu and Nelson. I mean, buying votes in Louisiana has a history which goes back to at least Huey "the Kingfish" Long, and Sen. Landrieu's $300 million price tag for supporting Obamacare is certainly doing her part to uphold that noble tradition. I mean, it used to be that a politician could be had for a lot less, like admission to a private school for one's children, season tickets for a suite at the hometown stadium, or some such. I guess inflation has now come to Louisiana politicians too. And Ben Nelson, I mean, what can I say? Just last week, he was saying that he was pro-life, that he would not vote for a bill that provides federal subsidies to abortion and "My vote cannot be bought." I guess that's Cornhusker for "My vote can't be bought for anything less than the low nine digits."

Which brings to mine something Ronald Reagan said about politics being the 2nd oldest profession and it bearing a close resemblance to the first...

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