Thursday, November 19, 2009

Behold the hairless wonder!

We started AWANA this fall at our church after a 10-year hiatus. Our "Commander" told those of us on the Elder Board that he was hoping for 30-35 kids on the first night. Since we normally have 20-some on Sunday morning for Children's Church, that didn't seem like a very big goal to me, and I told him that I hoping for more like 50. Well, 60 kids showed up on the first night and it has continued to grow ever since as kids bring their friends who then bring other friends. The second week, I told the kids that, if they would bring enough friends that we reached 100 kids in attendance, then I would shave my head.

Last week we had 96.

This week, 102 kids showed up and it was time to pay my debt. I'm enjoying the results, though it's a cold time of year to go bald, and I'm definitely going to have to find some warm hats to wear this winter. More than that, I'm enjoying the fact that we are sharing Christ with a large number of kids each week, many of whom have never read a Bible, been to church, heard about Jesus, or been presented with the Gospel. So for me, at the end of the day, the loss of my hair breaks down like this:
  1. New Barber Clippers: $23.99 on sale at CVS.
  2. Time to re-grow hair: 3 months.
  3. Sharing Christ with 100+ kids: Priceless


Jen said...

Wonderful story. We love AWANA and our kids have been in it since they were old enough to start. Sadly, for our oldest, Kaleigh, this is her last year. How awesome to see what God is doing through the AWANA program...raising up a generation who will know His Word and, we pray, live by it!

Horn herd mom said...

ok, I came over to become a follower and I don't see a spot for it...can you direct me please? :)